2014 BMW 435i Convertible Detailed Review and Road Test

While BMW’s reasons behind renaming the 3-series convertible the 4-series make sense to me in a practical way, the fact that there will soon be a 4-series sedan (I mean grand coupe, my bad) makes me scratch my head. Anyway, the reason goes like this: the 4-series is more expensive than the 3-series but less than the 5-series so it reduces confusion. Feel less confused? Good. Let’s move on.

The 435i convertible is quite simply one of the best luxury drop tops on offer. It offers excellent drivetrains, handling that doesn’t make you feel like you’re piloting a wet noodle and more cargo practicality than you would think possible. Because the luxury four seat convertible market seems to be shrinking in the USA rather than expanding, the 4-series manages to be one of the better buys despite its overtly steep price tag. Offering more comfort, more features, more cargo room and more rear headroom, legroom and shoulder room than the Infiniti, Lexus, or Mercedes options, the 435i’s only worry is that a widely expected Cadillac ATS convertible will exceed expectations. Only trouble is: GM won’t confirm the rumours.

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