2015 Nissan Murano DETAILED Review and Road Test – In 4K!

As a large 2-row crossover, Nissan’s Murano plays in the “tweener” segment between the likes of the RAV4 / CR-V / Rogue and the larger Highlander / Pilot / Pathfinder. Giving you more room than you’d find in the compact crossover segment but fewer seats than the large crossovers, the Murano may just be your Goldilocks CUV. Competition comes in the form of the Toyota Venza, Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, Ford Edge and perhaps the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Subaru Outback. For 2015 Nissan has completely redesigned the Murano with a striking exterior design and very modern interior. The Santa Fe Sport takes the value position in this segment, the Jeep is the off-road capable entry leaving the Edge and the Murano to duke it out. Who will be the winner? Watch and find out.

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