2015 Toyota Yaris 5 Door Detailed Review and Road Test

After selling on the dubious tag line “Yaris! It’s a car” for several years, Toyota went back to the drawing board and decided to give subcompact hatchback shoppers more style, better handling, a snazzier interior and, oddly enough, a huge dose of value as well. The Yaris may be stuck with a 4-speed automatic transmission, but aside from the lack of gears, the rest of the Yaris is class leading. With a standard 6.1 inch touchscreen LCD featuring an iPod/USB interface, CD player, bluetooth speakerphone and power door locks standard, the Yaris checks all the basic boxes at $14,845. While you do find lower stickers on some of the competition, you won’t find these essentials included. Of course the big problem I had with the Yaris during my week of driving wasn’t with the Yaris at all but with the Prius C. Somewhat related the baby Prius delivers 50-60MPG which will return on the greater sticker price in the average vehicle ownership even at today’s low gas prices. Give the Yaris a spin, but give that Prius C a long hard look as well.

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