2016 Audi A6 3.0T Quattro Review

The A6’s 2016 refresh keeps the Audi in the lead of the German pack, slotting above the 535i xDrive and E400 4Matic where it counts. The Audi is less expensive, feels more fun to drive on your daily commute and flies just under the radar. The A6 is also attractive alternative to the well-priced GS 350 delivering a more premium experience and better performance than the Lexus. It goes without saying that you’d have to be insane to buy an Acura RLX over the Audi. Where the A6 stumbles however is when it is pitted against the less mainstream competition. The XF is a better deal, it’s faster and it handles better. The Genesis gives you V8 power, RWD dynamics and a longer warranty for less and Cadillac’s CTS is the naturally aspirated 5-series you have fond memories about. If my cash was on the line, I’d probably gamble on that new XF, but Audi’s second place isn’t a bad place to be.


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