2016 Audi MMI Infotainment Review (2016 A6)

Audi’s MMI infotainment system has received a major overhaul for 2016 with new hardware and a faster graphics processor. The new hardware allows for smoother animation and screen changes, but we still don’t find expanded voice commands for USB/iDevice media library control like you find in the Lexus, Cadillac and Acura. The refreshed software adds support for a few new Internet-connected features such as INRIX traffic information as well as Apple Siri Eyes Free support. Sadly CarPlay and Android Auto were not along for the ride. On the hardware level, there’s a new LTE cell modem for faster downloads and an integrated WiFi hotspot.

The 8-inch LCD that is the heart of the system remains unchanged, and is still sporting a standard aspect ratio rather than the widescreen format preferred by BMW. Nestled between the speedometer and tachometer is an optional 7-inch LCD with an expanded feature set that includes a full navigation display with moving 3-D map and topographical information. Perhaps the most important change for 2016 may be the simplest: Audi finally ditched their proprietary media interface cable. Lifting the center armrest reveals two regular USB ports and you can now connect your device with any old cable you have lying around.

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