2016 Audi TT Roadster Review

Most luxury roadsters are related to a practical, rear-wheel-drive sports sedan, but Audi prefers to march to a different drummer.

The only trouble with the TT is that the very tasty A3 Cabrio exists. It handles almost as well, is just as fast, has two usable back seats and a bigger trunk. Buying the A3 over the TT would keep $4,400 in your pocket that you could then use on performance upgrades, such as wider tires and stickier rubber. The A3 is good value when compared to the 370Z Roadster and it’s easier on your wallet at the gas pump. I suspect Audi’s diabolical plan is to attract folks to the dealer with the TT and sell them an A3 instead. If that’s the case — well played Audi, well played

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