2016 BMW i8 Review

In the end, the i8 is a niche car in a niche segment purchased by niche people. Ordinarily, this would make it unimportant for the average car buyer and therefore not high on my “must drive” list — but the i8 is different. As a test bed for future technologies, the i8 excited my inner nerd. The hybrid system is extremely well sorted and the fact that BMW based this system around existing parts, such as its current 1.5-liter engine and a standard six-speed transaxle, means that it could easily be transplanted into an existing BMW by putting the engine up front.

The i8 itself is not destined to grace many driveways, of course. It’s sexy for sure, but it’s also expensive and lacks the desired driving chops

As a supercar, the i8 disappoints. As a harbinger of BMW’s future however, I am intrigued.

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