2016 Honda Accord Review

Honda’s exteriors are usually buttoned up and professional, despite the 2016 tweaks the same goes for this Accord. The nose ditches the chrome “smile” for a bigger chrome bar that looks awkward at some photo angles but better in person. Top end trims get new Acura styled LED headlamps and all but the base LX gets a set of new LED foglamps.

The Accord and Camry’s main selling points have been reliability and family hauling practicality, 201 is no different. Unlike the “coupé-like” side profiles we get in almost every other entry, the Accord’s large and low greenhouse says “I have kids,” leaving descriptives like “sexy” and “dramatic” to Mazda and Ford. The benefit? You can actually see out of the back of the Honda and tall passengers won’t bump their head on the ceiling.

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