2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Review

Alfa Romeo has returned to America with an all-new sedan and crossover targeted directly at BMW (of course). The 2018 Giulia has the looks, the handling prowess and the power to be the best compact luxury car in the USA but unfortunately the details keep this sexy Itallian from getting top honors in this segment. The infotainment system is a little clunky and reliability is a valid concern. However, if you’re looking for bang-for-the-buck or all around “fun to drive” then look no further than the new kid on the block: the 2018 Giulia Ti.

0-30: 2.2 Seconds

0-60: 5 Seconds

1/4 Mile: 13.8 Sec @ 106 MPH

60-0 Braking: 124 Feet

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