2018 BMW M550i xDrive First Drive Review

BMW has long had an aversion to putting all-wheel-drive on an M-car, and that’s exactly why they crafted the almost-M M550i. The new M550i xDrive is part of BMW’s new M-Performance line, not to be confused with M-Sport or M. Confused yet? Allow me to explain.

M-Sport is looks better handles better, M-Performance is looks better, handles better and goes faster while a full-on M Car would have major body and structural changes for maximum performance.

So what does that make the M550i? Well at the moment it makes it the fastest, best handling 5-Series sold in America. It out accelerates the last generation M5 with a sub 4-second 0-60 run, but it’s not a hard-core performance car so it won’t handle like an M5. Instead the M550i is the ultimate grand tourer with a powerful engine, good handling and a very livable ride.

0-30: 1.5 Seconds

0-60: 3.9 Seconds

1/4 Mile: 12.5 Sec @ 112 MPH

60-0 Braking: 115 Feet

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