2018 Dodge Hellcat Widebody First Drive

Nobody does crazy like Dodge and nothing seems crazier than their original 707 horsepower hellcat… And that includes the 2018 Hellcat “Widebody” which is the more expensive, but less crazy Hellcat. Are you confused yet?

Basically what FCA did with the original Hellcat was jam a big engine in the Challenger and stuff the biggest tires they could fit in the wheel wells. The result was a car that handled well in a general sense but the handling wasn’t as epic ac the thrust from the engine. Then came the truly crazy Dodge Demon which required wide fender flares to accommodate even wider tires. Then Dodge decided that since the flared body existed, why not apply it to the Hellcat? Thus the new “Hellcat widebody” was born. The slightly more “sensible” 707 horsepower muscle car…

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