2018 Infiniti Q50 First Drive

For 2018 Infiniti face-lifted their best selling sedan with new numbers and interior tweaks. Because this is a mid-cycle refresh and not a redesign, everything we loved about the previous Q50 is still here but unfortunately much of what we complained about is here as well. The Q50 is one of the best performance buys in the compact luxury segment delivering acceleration and handling that can go toe-to-toe with the Germans yet has more personality than a 3-Series can muster. On the down-side Infiniti hasn’t upgraded their infotainment system or the driver’s seat for 2018, but the strong value proposition and excellent engine lineup allow the Q50 to still be an excellent option in this competitive segment.

0-30: Not Tested

0-60: 4.5 Seconds

1/4 Mile: Not Tested

60-0 Braking: 109 Feet

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