2018 Kia Rio First Drive Review

The Kia Rio has a difficult, and oddly conflicting mission in America. As the least expensive Kia, commuter shoppers demand a car that’s basic, reliable and inexpensive to own. On the other hand, a full third of Rio buyers say they are interested in premium features wrapped in subcompact sheet metal. The result is the designed-for-Europe Rio which has the interior and driving dynamics to compete with the Fit and Yaris iA, yet also offers a “stripper” model that hits Nissan’s Versa head on. The result is what the British would call “cheap and cheerful” with a long warranty, a dollop of style, and a generous cargo area. The Rio may not set your heart on fire, but it’s a solid subcompact buy.

0-30: Not Tested

0-60: 9 Seconds

1/4 Mile: Not Tested

60-0 Braking: 125 Feet

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