2019 BMW M5 Review

The M5 is one of the most insane cars sold in America and yet at the same time eminently practical. With launch control you can run 0-60 times that would make Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and McLarens jealous, but it seats people in comfort and has enough room in the back for rear facing child seats and two sets of golf clubs. The lateral grip isn’t quite in the super-car category but it’s shockingly close while delivering a ride that won’t bruise your kidneys. BMW’s latest AWD system improves traction in adverse weather yet is fully-defeatable when you want to do doughnuts and burnouts. The M5 is quite simply one of the most impressive engineering accomplishments from Germany, yet at the same time it’s upsetting all manner of BMW M-faithful. But they couldn’t be more wrong… This is the best M ever.

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