2019 Lincoln Navigator Review

Forget what you know about Lincoln’s Navigator. Lincoln’s flagship SUV arguably started the big luxury SUV segment, but later versions lacked the luxury feel and “bling” that you’d expect out of a six-figure people mover. To remedy that Lincoln pulled out all the stops for the all-new fourth-generation Navigator which is more luxurious than ever and is truly the flagship vehicle the Lincoln brand has been looking for. Looking for acres of real wood? Check. Premium interior finishes? Check. Bling? You got it. Special models named after a chalet and a yacht? Yup. Twin-turbo V6 and a 10-speed transmission? What else would you expect?

Of course specs are one thing, execution is another and here is where Lincoln has really excelled. The new Navigator is truly a vehicle that (if you’re interested in a big SUV of course) can compete head on with not just the Cadillac, but the large SUVs from Europe as well. No kidding.

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