2020 Kia Soul First Look

Redesigning an icon can be tricky, just ask Scion with their ill-fated xB redesign. Fortunate Kia seems to have struck the right balance with their popular and quirky sub-compact. The third generation Soul offers a refinement of the same style and, well, Soul that the model has been known for while delivering on what shoppers seem to have been asking for. The new Turbo model is more expressive than ever, the funky !#$@!% trim names are gone and there’s a “rugged” X-Line version that looks more capable, but sadly still lacks AWD. The Soul EV returns in this generation (although it’ll be a few months late) and thanks to a new electric motor making 201 HP and a whopping 291 lb-ft of torque, it might just be the fastest Soul while also being the greenest.

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