Alex On Autos hits 75,000!

This week Alex On Autos passed 75,000 active subscribers and more than 1,000,000 monthly views. In the month of June more than 7-million minutes of video were watched by the channel’s viewers. This is a strong 65% increase year-on-year and places Alex On Autos above many multi-presenter YouTube channels like Autobytel, and four times the viewers of traditional web outlets like in terms of traffic according to Alexis and ChannelMeter analytics. According to VidiQ and ChannelMeter, AoA is expected to pass all other single-presenter YouTube outlets by the end of 2015.

Indicating a strong consumer demographic, viewers’ top three Google Affinity categories are not auto-related. This means AoA is reaching a “non-enthusiast” car shopper demographic and is in a unique position to inform and educate real-world car shoppers. 85% of viewers are in the 35-65 age bracket while 58% fall in the 25-45 age bracket. 80% of viewers are in the United States, 90% in North America. As a reviews and consumer advice outlet rather than an entertainment channel like most streaming automotive content, AoA is positioned as a trusted source of automotive shopping information.

About Alex On Autos

Founded in 2012, Alex On Autos is a division of DykLaine, LLC and ( or YouTube channel name TTACVIDEO) is a fast growing complete auto reviews channel on YouTube. With a focus on in-depth car reviews averaging 26 minutes on new vehicle models, AoA videos go into detail on powertrain technologies, safety technologies, a detailed review and extensive pricing and competitive analysis. Weekly Thursday segments focus on child seat safety and how well modern convertible car seats fit in the rear of each vehicle. Monthly segments feature in-depth reviews of the latest in-car entertainment and navigation systems highlighting the main features of each system and providing comparisons to competing infotainment options. Regular video series deep-dive into new vehicle technologies with a consumer oriented focus.

About Alex L. Dykes

Alex is president of Alex On Autos and co-owner of parent company DykLaine, LLC. After many years in the computer and computer services industry as an IT Manager, Technical Writer and Technology Planner, Alex started writing for The Truth About Cars and continues a weekly car review column there as the Car Reviews Editor. After finding entertaining car videos on YouTube but no videos that were helpful to the average car shopper who sought detailed un-biased information, Alex started Alex On Autos in 2012. Located in Silicon Valley, Alex maintains close ties with the tech industry as an information technologies and commercial vehicle fleet consultant for several prominent Bay Area companies. This breadth of experience gives Alex unique insights into the auto industry from a perspective not seen by many journalists.

About DykLaine, LLC

DykLaine, LLC was founded 2015 as a mixed consulting entity. In addition to video production for AoA and other outlets, DykLaine LLC provided Information Technology, commercial fleet management and materials engineering consulting services. DykLaine owns and operates a materials engineering and research lab located in Los Gatos, CA.


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