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Tesla Model 3 Range Test Explained | Your Mileage May Vary

Our “real world range test” has never caused more than a murmur before, but it caused a firestorm (not too surprising) when we reviewing the Model 3 Standard Range Plus. The car’s EPA score is 133 MPGe and 240 miles of range… but in our real world test we got a score of 192 miles […]

Model 3 Standard Range Plus Range Test – Explained

There have been so many questions and misinformation roaming around out there about the so-called “Model 3 Standard Range” vs the “Standard Range Plus” and whether or not the 220/240 mile range quoted is overly optimistic. In our recent video I said that the real world range of the Standard Range Plus was 190-195 miles, […]

Alex On Answers: Do I Still Need A 3/4 Ton Truck?

Since the latest crop of 1/2 ton trucks was launched I’ve fielded a staggering number of questions from viewers asking: Can I replace my old 3/4 ton truck with a new 1/2 ton truck now that they are so capable? As always, the answer isn’t as easy as yes or no.

How To Drive A Manual Transmission

Looking for a bit more fun in your next car? Consider adding a third pedal. In this video I’ll teach you the “must-knows” when rowing your own. After this, all that’s left to master the so-called “millennial theft prevention device” is to banish your worries and get behind the wheel! The Best Cars, Trucks & […]