BMW26 Videos

2018 BMW 740e Review

To meet emissions targets in California and around the world BMW has been aggressively rolling out plug-in hybrid versions of their popular products and the latest to get the PHEV treatment is their flagship 7-Series sedan. The 740e combines a 2.0L turbo engine with an electric motor to deliver identical acceleration to their tried-and-true 3.0L […]

2014 BMW X5 Child Seat Review

Want to know how well child seats fit in the 2014 BMW X5? How about two child seats and an adult? Three child seats in the back? In this video I answer all your burning child seat questions. Can three convertible seats like the Graco Classic Ride 50 fit in the back? Where’s the center […]

2016 BMW i8 Review

In the end, the i8 is a niche car in a niche segment purchased by niche people. Ordinarily, this would make it unimportant for the average car buyer and therefore not high on my “must drive” list — but the i8 is different. As a test bed for future technologies, the i8 excited my inner nerd. The […]

2014 BMW iDrive Touch Infotainment Review ( with finger writing recognition)

In this video I take an unexpectedly deep dive into BMW’s latest iDrive system in the 2014 BMW X5 xDrive35i. We cover everything from smartphone app integration (also known as BMW Connected) to navigation, Wiki TourGuide, and BMW’s new touch controller which allows you to draw letters and numbers on the controller knob for an […]

2014 BMW X5 Detailed Review and Road Test

I am so sorry this video is late! It took me forever to cut this down from 45 minutes to what you see here.

2014 BMW 435i Trunk Comfort Index

The BMW 435i review will be up in about a week and a half. Until then, revel in the trunk comfort index… (I had to do something good for the 300th video).

2016 BMW 340i and 3-Series Review

For 2016 BMW continues their tradition of making incremental rather than revolutionary changes to their bread and butter sedan. The 2016 340 is a little sharper, a little more powerful and a little more polished than the 2015 335i.

2018 BMW X3 Review

BMW’s third generation is likely going to be BMW’s best selling vehicle in America by sometime next year. It was therefore more important than ever that the X3 be one of the best options in the segment that BMW helped invent back in 1999. To that end we get an all-new luxury crossover with more […]