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2018 Mustang or 2018 Challenger? Which is the right one for you?

We recently had the chance to drive a Mustang and Challenger back to back and compare them. In my mind the Challenger isn’t so much a competitor to the Mustang as it is an alternative. Say what? You see, the Mustang and Camaro are very much alike in their mission, their size, and their nature. […]

2018 Fiat 500x Review

Fiat’s 500x is fun to drive, comfortable and attractive yet it lives in the shadow of it’s close cousin the Jeep Renegade. Some of this has to do with the smaller number of Fiat dealers but I suspect that more has to do with shoppers wanting a compact go-anywhere CUV instead of an on-road corner […]

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Review

Fiat’s 124 Spider is basically a modified MX-5 with a turbo engine, but the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Without the Fiat 124, the MX-5 would likely have been cancelled. Without the MX-5 the Fiat 124 would never have existed. Think of the two cars as fraternal twins, they may have […]