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2012 Toyota Prius V

This is TheTruthAboutCar’s first look at the pre-production 2012 Toyota Prius V. Read our first look here: and stay tuned for our full week-long review in the coming months.

2014 Toyota 4Runner Review and Road Test with EnTune Infotainment

We snagged a pre-production version of the 2014 Toyota 4Runner for a few hours and drove it around Washington state. Join us as we take a detailed look at the interior and the new EnTune infotainment system. Our time with

2014 Toyota Corolla Review and Road Test

Because there was so much demand for the Mazda3 video, that went live before this video but I will make the disclaimer that this video was recorded first. Join me as I take a deep-dive into the all-new 2014

2014 Toyota Highlander Enform Infotainment Review

Join me as I look at the 8-inch infotainment system standard in the Highlander XLE, Limited and Hybrid models.

2014 Toyota Highlander First Drive Review and Road Test

Join me as I take a first look at the all-new 2014 Toyota Highlander, Toyota’s new 8-seat mid-sized 3-row crossover. Aside from getting one more seat in 2014, the Highlander gets an all-new interior with better materials, higher towing capacity

2014 Toyota Highlander XLE 7 Seat Crossover Review and Road Test

At long last here is the full review of the 2014 Toyota Highlander crossover. Sadly I wasn’t able to get my hands on an 8-seat version but I do talk about it. Join me as I drive 911 miles in

2014 Toyota Highlander XLE 7-Seat Crossover Child Seat Review

Join me as I check out the 2014 Highlander. In this video I test how well the 7 and 8 passenger Highlander handles child seats and we talk a little about cargo room. The full video review should be up