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2016 Mazda CX-9 Child Seat Review

The CX-9 is the family friendly crossover with a touch of Mazda’s handling magic. For 2016 they have also added a new twist: a 2nd row seat that can stay in place with a child seat attached.

Tesla Model 3 Child Seat Test

Because you asked for it we tested the Model 3 and it come out with flying colors in our child seat test. Thanks to generous legroom and headroom figures you should even be able to put a rear facing child seat behind average adults up front.

2014 Volkswagen Passat Child Seat Review

This week I snagged a 2014 Volkswagen Passat and three child seats to see how family friendly the German sedan really is. Thanks to a considerable stretch versus the last generation Passat, this North American (and Chinese market) sedan easily accommodated child seats in every possible configuration. Check out the video to learn more and […]

2015 Honda CR-V Child Seat Review – In 4K

Can you fit three child seats in the 2015 CR-V? Can an adult sit in the front seat with a rearward facing convertible seat behind them? Today I drive the 2015 CR-V to find out.

2014 Ford Focus Sedan Child Seat Review

Will three child seats fit in the back of a Ford Focus? In this video I explore the 2014 Ford Focus Sedan and see how family friendly it is. Because the vehicle’s primary dimensions are unchanged with the 2015 refresh, this video also applies to the 2015 Ford Focus as well. How well do two […]

2014 Cadillac CTS Child Seat Review

Have you been wondering how well three child seats fit in the back of a Cadillac CTS? How about two child seats and an adult? Check this video out and watch as I see how child compatible Cadillac’s mid-sized luxury sedan really is. Be sure to watch out for the full review on the 2014 […]

2015.5 Volvo XC60 Child Seat Review

Child seat accommodations are the big reason to choose the XC60 over the S60 or V60. With a wider rear bench and a hair more leg room you’ll have an easier time installing and living with child seats in the rear. In addition Volvo offers the same integrated child booster seats in the back that […]

2016 Honda HR-V Child Seat Review

Three child seats *almost* fit in the HR-V. While we get more room than most subcompact crossovers things are just a little too tight in the back.