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The Nexo's First Road Trip!

Here’s a quick video we shot durring our 2-day road trip from Southern California to the Bay Area. Stay tuned for a busy week coming up on Monday! Join Today: …

We Sold The Tesla!

The Model 3 is now gone. Why did we sell it? Because we completed our reviews and it was time to move on. Why didn’t we keep it: because it isn’t a Model Y.

How Much Power / Range Does Sentry Mode Use?

Sentry mode is one of Tesla’s latest and most intriguing features, but how much power does it use? Can you turn it on and leave your car at the airport for a week …

Model 3 SR+ Range Take Two | Viewer Consumption Numbers

We asked and 30 of you responded with your SR+ consumption figures! Thanks to everyone who did! The results show that overall efficiency is all across the …

AoA Memberships

We debated for an eternity but finally decided to give the new YT membership thing a try. Give it a whirl. What have you got to lose?