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2019 Nissan Rogue | The Bigger "Small" Crossover

The Rogue isn’t as new as some of the competition , but thanks to a comfortable ride, spacious interior, good fuel economy and plenty of deals on the lot, the …

2019 Toyota Tundra | The Reliable Alternative?

Although our smurf blue tester was a TRD PRO model, in this video we’re talking about the entire Tundra lineup and how it compares to the main-line 1/2 on trucks in America.

2019 Mercedes CLS 450 Review

The Mercedes CLS is arguably the car that started the “four door coupe” styling trend. (I know, it has two too many doors to be called a coupe). Now in it’s third generation the CLS has another trick up it’s sleeve: a standard hybrid system. Although this hybrid (or mild hybrid, whatever you want to […]

Best Performance Car & Performance SUV of 2017

It’s official! The best performance car and best performance SUV of the year have been declared!

Android Auto VS Apple CarPlay

The big shift in in-car entertainment for 2016 is coming from Apple and Google with the ultimate in smartphone integration. Instead of the car being the center of your universe, your smartphone becomes the driver of everything and your car is reduced to role of remote display terminal. Let the Apple vs Android wars cease […]

About Alex On Autos

Alex On Autos is the home of the most detailed car review videos online. If you want honest reviews with no antics, plenty of pricing and comparison details and a detailed tour of the interior, then this is your stop. Unlike other outlets I look at every car without bias or prejudice and instead focus […]

Alex On Autos hits 75,000!

This week Alex On Autos passed 75,000 active subscribers and more than 1,000,000 monthly views. In the month of June more than 7-million minutes of video were watched by the channel’s viewers. This is a strong 65% increase year-on-year and places Alex On Autos above many multi-presenter YouTube channels like Autobytel, and four times the […]