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How To Drive A Manual Transmission

Looking for a bit more fun in your next car? Consider adding a third pedal. In this video I’ll teach you the “must-knows” when rowing your own. After this, all that’s left to master the so-called “millennial theft prevention device” is to banish your worries and get behind the wheel! The Best Cars, Trucks & […]

AoA Live! Burning Questions Answered Here. Also, resale value.

Hi all, be sure to VOTE for the upcoming RAV4 long term car. I’m deciding between Adventure and Hybrid. Get your vote in here: For AOA stickers, send a self-addressed, postage paid envelope to Dyklaine, LLC Alex On Autos PO Box 573 Redwood Estates, CA 95044 The Best Cars, Trucks & SUVs: Follow […]

2019 Mercedes CLS 450 Review

The Mercedes CLS is arguably the car that started the “four door coupe” styling trend. (I know, it has two too many doors to be called a coupe). Now in it’s third generation the CLS has another trick up it’s sleeve: a standard hybrid system. Although this hybrid (or mild hybrid, whatever you want to […]